Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car

Is it time to get your next ride and you’re wondering if it’s more beneficial to get a used car for your travels around Jenkintown, Abington, and Willow Grove? Before you make your choice about which car to get and where to buy it, our Sussman Auto Group team is here to share some key pros and cons of buying a used car.

Buying a Used Car

Pros of Buying a Used Car

There are a lot of advantages to buying a used car. First, the financial impact of buying a used car can be very beneficial. Since the car has already depreciated in value, you won’t have to pay as much up front or month to month compared to buying the vehicle new because your loan amount will be less. That might mean you can budget for a more luxurious trim level or model when shopping for your next vehicle.

Since most of its depreciation has already happened, you can also earn a decent percentage of what you originally invested in your used car if you later decide to sell it. Along with the financial benefits, choosing to buy a used car means you’ll have a larger range of options. That’s because you aren’t limited to one model year.

Not only can you choose from a wide variety of models, but you’ll also have different designs and options within the various model years of a particular vehicle. Here at our dealership, we make sure always to give our drivers a wide variety of choices when shopping for a used car!

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Cons of Buying a Used Car

While there are also some cons to buying a used car, most of them are based on case-by-case scenarios. Of course, used cars don’t come with all the latest tech like new cars do, but that might not be a high priority for you. Plus, with all the options you’ll have, you can still find a used car that has the wireless Bluetooth® connection or rear-view camera you want.

Also, when buying a used car, you might not be fully aware of the condition of the car and that could make you hesitant to make that investment. With a new car, you know everything is in top shape, while used cars come “as is” and could need some work to get them performing at their best.

Again, that’s something we can help with here at our dealership. All the used cars we have for sale are ready to provide a reliable performance for many miles to come. We’ll also be completely transparent about each model and provide a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™. With this report, you’ll get to review a detailed account of the vehicle’s past ownership before you make your final decision.

Ready to Find a Reliable Used Car?

While it’s good to be aware of the cons of buying a used car, here at Sussman Auto Group, we want to provide added peace of mind when you’re shopping for the right car that fits your lifestyle. If you want to commute around Jenkintown, Abington, and Willow Grove in a reliable used car, then check out our inventory online and schedule a test drive in any of the models we have for sale.

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